Giving to Wright State


“Scholarships have definitely made a difference in my life,” says Wright State senior and supply chain management major Charline Phung. “They have reduced the financial burden of attending college and allowed me to focus on my studies and get the most out of my college experience.”

Charline is a recipient of the Asian Student Scholarship, which is designated for students of Asian descent who have a minimum GPA of 3.0. The scholarship is supported by donations and funds raised by student and community organizations.

“Scholarships help me achieve my dreams by opening doors to opportunities that I have never considered,” Charline explained. “They have allowed me to meet new and wonderful people on the way to achieving my dreams.”

After graduating from Wright State, Charline hopes to travel and get a job in the field of supply chain management. She plans to utilize her strong leadership skills to make an impact in her profession and her community.