Giving to Wright State


“Scholarships have really been a saving grace,” says Wright State student Ben Osborn. “They can make or break a semester.”

The Goldenberg Scholarship for Asian, Hispanic, and Native American Students is one of the scholarships that have made a difference in Ben’s life. The scholarship was created by Kim Goldenberg, the fifth president of Wright State University, and his wife, Shelley.

Along with providing much-needed help with tuition, scholarships have given Ben the freedom to become an active member of the Wright State community, where he serves as president of the Association of Native American Students and treasurer of the Latinx, Asian, and Native American Council.

After completing his bachelor’s degree in social sciences education, Ben plans to continue his journey at Wright State and earn his master’s degree. He hopes to teach American government, U.S. history, and Native American history and culture in a public high school.