Giving to Wright State


“Scholarships have allowed me to attend Wright State,” says senior Bella Asbrock. “Attending Wright State has opened my mind in a lot of different ways because it’s a diverse school. Scholarships have given me the privilege to go to a school that makes me feel included and valued on campus, within the classroom, and within organizations the school has to offer.”

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in social work, Bella plans to pursue a master’s degree in her field. Her career goal is to become a grief counselor for children.

Bella has received several scholarships during her time at Wright State, including the Goldenberg Scholarship for Asian, Hispanic, and Native American Students. The scholarship was created by Kim Goldenberg, the fifth president of Wright State University, and his wife, Shelley.

“One of my biggest concerns with college was the price of our textbooks. I knew renting textbooks was cheaper, but I wanted to buy my textbooks for my social work classes. This way I could use them throughout my time at Wright State and in my career,” Bella explains. “Scholarships helped me purchase textbooks. Now I have a collection of social work books that have helped in my classes and will continue to aid me on my career path.”