Giving to Wright State

Anna ’21

Hometown: Pickerington, Ohio
College: College of Science and Mathematics
Major: Psychology

I'm a sophomore at Wright State and was recently lucky enough to find my calling in the psychology program. Along with my focus in psychology, I also have a passion for women’s studies and gender issues. I'm highly involved on campus with organizations that work with the community to support women, including acting as the president of the Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance and as a peer educator for healthy relationships and mental health on campus.

I choose Wright State because the minute I walked on campus, I instantly knew I found my new home. In my two semesters I've completed here, I have met an unbelievable number of professors, peers, and friends who have taken an interest in my goals and wanted to help me reach them. I try to do the same whenever I get the chance and I love that Wright State gives me that opportunity! I look forward to continuing my education as an undergrad and pursuing my master’s degree at Wright State!