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The shipping section of Shipping and Receiving serves two main functions:

  1. To provide a central location to ship goods or materials for legitimate university purposes.    
  2. To authorize the return to vendors of goods or materials originally ordered on a university purchase order.
    1. Return of goods or materials originally ordered with a university purchase order requires approval by the Purchasing Department and a vendor's return authorization number.
    2. If goods or materials were obtained with a departmental purchase order (DPO) or a procurement card (procard), they can be returned directly to the vendor without the approval of the Purchasing Department. A Shipping Requisition (PDF) should be used to return items to a vendor. Include the vendor's return authorization number (if required by the vendor), the address, and insurance information. The department's billing FOAPAL is required. Items are usually shipped via ground service. This is an economical means of shipment. All shipments are trackable and the first $100 of insurance is provided at no additional cost. Items may also be shipped next day or second-day air for additional fees.
    3. General shipments for legitimate university purposes are handled through Shipping and Receiving. A completed Shipping Requisition (PDF) must be sent to the Shipping Department along with the box to be shipped. Indicate on the Shipping Requisition any pertinent information such as the recipient's address, return authorization or insurance information. The department's billing FOAPAL is required.
    4. Shipping of personal items through shipping and receiving is prohibited.

Expedited Shipping

Departments have two choices available to expedite time-sensitive materials.

Priority Mail is available for 2 to 3-day domestic service through the University Mail Center. Please note that this service is neither guaranteed nor trackable; however, this is an extremely economical way to ship.

FedEx offers many levels of expedited services. To use any level of FedEx service for business purposes, the department completes a Shipping Requisition (PDF). The department's billing FOAPAL is required.

FedEx picks up at the Shipping & Receiving Department daily at approximately 3 p.m., Monday through Friday.

FedEx drop boxes are also available at the following locations:

  • Near Wright Copy in the Student Union
  • The lower level of the Medical Sciences Building
  • Outside the Athletic offices at the Nutter Center

Questions regarding expedited services may be directed to the Shipping & Receiving Department or Materials Management Department.

Receiving and Delivery

The purpose of the receiving section of the Receiving Department is to receive and inspect materials or equipment and to deliver items to University departments.

All orders placed by the Purchasing Department shall be received through receiving unless otherwise specified by the purchasing agent.

Receiving shall make a preliminary inspection of all cartons at the time of delivery. Any damaged cartons shall be immediately opened and inspected. Items believed to be obtained by a purchase order shall be opened and inspected for the proper count, identification and other problems. Capital equipment items shall be tagged before delivery.

Most items are delivered to the appropriate department within 24 hours of receipt. When items are delivered, the person accepting delivery should verify that all items on the list are present before signing the acceptance sheet. Accounts Payable requires this sheet before payments are made. In cases where direct deliveries from vendors or services are utilized, a Receiving Report form is used to notify the receiving department to close the order. If a partial shipment is received then the form permits Accounts Payable to release partial payments to the vendor. Shipments should be checked as soon as possible. No items should be stored for future use without first checking the quantity, quality, and condition.

If the material or equipment must be installed to verify if it is acceptable, the department should arrange to have this procedure completed as soon as possible.

Concealed damage should be reported no later than 24 hours after receipt by the department. All boxes and packing materials should be retained for inspection. A claim must be filed within seven days with the carrier by Business Services.

The practice of having personal items delivered to the university is discouraged.  Shipping & Receiving assumes no obligation for reporting damage claims, claiming concealed damage or reporting incorrect shipments, for personal items.

You can find the complete list of policies and procedures governing Shipping and Receiving at University Policy 9440: Shipping and Receiving.

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