Muslim Student Association: Muslim Students Association Culture Night

Friday, November 4, 6 pm to Friday, November 11, 2022, 9 pm
Student Union Apollo Room, Atlantis Room, and Endeavour Room
Current Students

The Wright State Muslim Student Association plans on holding a "Cultural Night" in hope of achieving a fun and educational environment for our Wright State students. We have multiple students, including international students, from a variety of cultural backgrounds such as South/Southeast Asians, Middle Eastern, African, and Europeans who all share the Islamic Faith. We want this event to highlight this variety by bringing all these cultures together and give the students an opportunity to represent their own culture in their unique ways. We would plan to hold this event in the Apollo Room to fit the large audience. Food will also be provided from a MiddleEastern/SouthAsian Restaurant to fit the cultural theme. We hope to create a fun, welcoming, and educational environment for people of all backgrounds to learn and grow together.

For information, contact
Muslim Student Association

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