Transgender Resource Week

October 12-16, 2020
Virtual Workshops and Events

Welcome to Wright State University’s Trans Resource Week 2020! 

There are over a million people in the United States who identify as part of the transgender (trans) community. Transgender folks are a part of all our communities; they are our children, college students, coworkers, parents, and siblings. Unfortunately, due to their identity, they are also targeted at higher rates for discrimination in employment, housing, and education. Trans individuals are exponentially more likely to experience violence, especially trans people of color. The number of trans people murdered in our country grows every year. In August 2020, we had already surpassed the loss of trans people by murder in 2019. The time is here to raise awareness and educate others about the trans community. The time is here to bring attention and appreciation to the trans people in our community. 

The Office of LGBTQA Affairs planned to host a resource fair for Transgender Day of Visibility on March 31, 2020. Sadly, COVID-19 had other plans. In June 2020, we began discussing how to reschedule this event and we came up with the virtual Trans Resource Week 2020. All of the same great companies and organizations in our community are presenting their resources and support virtually throughout the week. Check out the Workshops link on the right of this page. This week will be about empowerment and recognition of the trans community and the organizations that serve them. We hope you will join us for a week of awareness, acceptance, and appreciation for the trans community here at Wright State and beyond! 

Questions? Please reach out to us at