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Maria R. Palacios

Maria R. Palacios is a feminist writer, author, professional workshop facilitator, and empowerment specialist.  Her work surrounding disabilities and sexuality embraces diversity, self-acceptance and poetic activism.  Maria considers herself to be a sex worker by poetic trade and has dedicated much of her professional life to empowering people with disabilities to become aware of their own crip sexuality. Maria is known in the artistic world as the Goddess on Wheels.  Maria R. Palacios is also the author of several publications including, Criptionary: Disability Humor & Satire, Poetic Confessions Volumes I & II, and several other works aimed at empowering and educating her audiences.  She is the founder of the National Women With Disabilities Empowerment Forum, now a nonprofit organization formerly known as the Houston Women With Disabilities Empowerment Fair which has been bringing crip power, art and advocacy to the Houston community since 2010. 

For more information on Maria’s work, please visit her website, Goddess on Wheels.