Fall 2020 Update

Fall 2020 Update: Wright State University’s Dayton and Lake Campuses plan to return to teaching for 2020 Fall Semester on August 24 with a dynamic and flexible mixture of in-person and remote courses. Read more about our Right Here. Wright State. This Fall. plan.

Disability Accommodations

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Request for Suggestions and Feedback on Disability Accomodations

Disability related accommodations and suggestions are welcome. Please indicate on your registration what disability accomodations you need and feel free to contact us for more information.

We are working diligently to anticipate and promote an experience at this conference that is inviting and inclusive for all of varying abilities. It is an honor, albeit humbling at times, to be part of this journey.

However, we know we will not have anticipated everything and we respectfully welcome any opportunity to continue our efforts throughout this conference and in future conferences. Please bring us your concerns and your ideas.  WE WANT THE OPPORTUNITY TO ACT ON YOUR CONCERNS, CRITICISMS, AND YOUR IDEAS TO FIX, MITIGATE, AND CORRECT ANY BARRIERS.


The Breaking Silences Conference Coordinators

The Student Union Conference Center

Breaking Silences will be held in the Wright State University Student Union Conference Center. View Student Union building map

  • Elevator Access: The Student Union has elevator access to all floors in the building.
  • Parking: Accessible parking is available in front of the Student Union in the Visitor's Parking Lot (Lot 2). We will have additional parking available for those indicating a need for this parking on their registration. Updates will be provided as we better understand the numbers of attendees who request parking. View campus parking map
  • Passenger Drop Off Area: A passenger drop-off point is located directly front of the Student Union building; the building's main doors are equipped with button-operated door openers and open to the hallway adjacent to the Conference Center rooms.
  • Personal Assistance Station: Located in 072 Student Union, the Personal Assistance Station is managed by Wright State University's Office of Disability Services (ODS). Equipped with three private accessible restrooms, ceiling-mounted lifts, and changing tables, the PA station is staffed by trained ODS student employees. One male and one female staff member are available for the comfort and convenience of its guests. The station staff will be available to provide personal assistance with lavatory needs, clothing, bags, etc. at no cost to conference attendees requesting assistance. Conference attendees may choose to use the PA Station facilities with station staff's assistance, or with the assistance of their own personal assistant(s). The PA Station staff does not provide medical treatment, transportation assistance, or off-site assistance. If you are interested in using the PA Station, please indicate that intention on your registration. PA station will be open during the following times to ensure conference participants have restroom access and assistance: Friday, Sept 22nd 9am-7pm, Saturday, Sept 23rd 9am-7pm, Sunday, Sept 24th 9am-1pm. 
  • Restrooms and Drinking Fountains: Accessible restrooms and drinking fountains are located throughout the concourses on each floor of the Student Union.
  • Zen Zone:  Room 107 is available as a destimulation room, quiet room, room for nursing mothers, private cell phone room, and other individualized guests’ needs. Please see HOSPITALITY at the Registration Desk if you have any questions or if the room is occupied when you need it and alternate accommodations will be made available.

Conference Procedures

  • Extended Time Between Sessions: We have included longer time between sessions in order to allow those with mobility issues time needed to attend to personal needs between sessions.
  • Skype Presentations: You will see that some of our presenters are with us via Skype as an accommodation. This is a deviation from what has been seen in most professional venues. The in-person expectation is an able-bodied experience that assumes that travel is accessible and/or reasonable for all AND IT IS NOT! Without this paradigm shifts, we would have silenced valuable voices of leaders in the disability community.
  • Proximity Seating for People using Interpreters and Lip Reading:  Please be mindful of seats that provide clear view of interpreters and/or presenters for lip reading. We will generally ask that the first and second row of assemblies and/or small breakouts be made available to those needing this access.
  • Microphones: If you are presenting in a small breakout room and a wireless microphone has been placed in the room, PLEASE USE THE MICROPHONE. If there is a microphone in your room, someone has requested that speakers speak into the microphone as an accommodation for hearing.
  • Wider Aisles between Seats and Tables: We will assemble the meeting rooms with more than standard aisle access between seats and tables to accommodate easier mobility for people using wheelchairs and other personal mobility devices.
  • Interpreters: Appropriate interpreters will be provided for those indicating specific needs on their conference registration.

Service Animals

Please feel free to take your service dogs outside to the green space surrounding the Union for restroom breaks. We ask that you please "curb" your service dog, and clean up after them. If you have time to explore campus, please check out our service dog park! Wright State is home to Wingerd Service Dog Park, one of the nation's first college campus service dog parks. The Wingerd Service Dog Park offers a full acre of accessible, fenced exercise space near the academic buildings and residence halls. The park features: 

  • one acre of accessible, fenced green space
  • convenient location near academic buildings and residence halls
  • paved accessible paths
  • double-gated entrance with automatic gate openers
  • water station
  • waste disposal stations
  • emergency response phone
  • covered patio area
  • lighting
  • seating

Please refer to the Wright State campus map for location of Wingerd Service Dog Park.