Fall 2020 Update

Fall 2020 Update: Wright State University’s Dayton and Lake Campuses plan to return to teaching for 2020 Fall Semester on August 24 with a dynamic and flexible mixture of in-person and remote courses. Read more about our Right Here. Wright State. This Fall. plan.

Your Conference Planning Committee

I am, I do, I hope....

Nicole April Carter

Dr. Carter has received various degrees, but the most recent were a Ph.D. in Educational Studies with a focus on the critical public pedagogical practices of Black women public performers as well as the development of Black feminist radical subjectivities.

Lyndsay Colvin

I am an alumna of Wright State University School of Professional Psychology, currently working in the Pain Management Clinic at the Cincinnati VA Medical Center.

Jennifer Crofts, PsyD

I am: a cisgender female psychologist and advocate for the recognition of the impact of intersecting identity variables in people’s life experience.

Dave Crowell

Hello, I am Dave Crowell, I own and operate Custom Frame Services,Inc. A Fine Art custom picture framing company serving the Dayton area for 24 years.

Devon Douglas

I am a clinical psychology doctoral student and co-chair of the Art Show Planning Committee. I do love planning events, especially ones that fight for social justice and inclusion.

Jared Embree

I am a traveler, a raconteur, and a lifelong student. I am also a Research Associate at the Substance Abuse Resources & Disability Issues (SARDI) Program at WSU, focusing on back translation and validation work with online instruments in Ameri

Zane Faulkner

I am: A gay, fourth-year clinical psychology doctoral student with a passion for social justice and promoting a more inclusive society.

Ashley Fedynich

I am a third year clinical psychology doctoral student.

I do what I can to be an ally for the disability and sexual minority community. This is an area that I am continuing to grow in every chance I get!

Jon-Michael Huber

I am a curious individual who is always willing to learn new things; an inveterate seeker of knowledge.  I am an active civil rights participant for social justice as well as a supporter and ally to the individuals affected by social injustices.  

Peyton Jones

I am a clinical psychology doctoral student who identifies as a gay, cisgender male. I do what I can to celebrate sex positivity and be an ally and advocate for sexual minorities.

Eréndira Lopez-Garcia, Psy.D.

I am a Mexican woman who is an advocate for immigrant rights.

I am a licensed psychologist who uses the privilege that her title brings to work for social justice.

Maria Matzik

I am a Disabled Woman and a Disability Rights Advocate

Vm Holley Ogletree

I am a member of some minority groups but not yet a member of the disabled community. Some of my life experiences have taught me what it is like to be shunned or hated for something about me that is not under my control.

S. Okpara

I am Stephanie-Jane Okpara. I am an African American, able-bodied (for now), heterosexual woman of size.

Petey Peterson

Pronouns: they/them/their
I am serve as the Director for the Office of LGBTQA Affairs at Wright State University. 
I am Queer & Trans person who is an advocate and accomplice to marginalized communities.

Megan Purtell

I am an alumni. I wanted to be involved with the conference, in an effort to continue to educate and break down barriers within the disability community. In regard to sexuality. 

Patricia Roberts

I am a partner, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, advocate, ally, and a rebel with causes.  I am a Deaf, lupie, queer-identified graduate of Gallaudet University and Kent State University.

Nikki Rogers, Ph.D.

I am…an anthropologist who addresses health disparities through practical, person-centered research on the ways that culture impacts health.

Melanie Stephenson

I am a clinical psychology doctoral student with a passion for adventure (canoeing, hiking, camping) and social justice. I hope my role in this conference will help promote equality and empower others to join the fight.


Michelle Vaughan, Ph.D.

I am a white, pansexual, polyamorous woman. I am a first generation college student, a rural farm girl and a temporarily abled woman.

Becca Webb

I am a queer-identified, Type-1 diabetic with a history of depression.  I work for Wright State University Foundation as an Account Clerk, helping to steward WSU donor funds and scholarships. 

Julie L. Williams, Psy.D., ABPP

I am:  A Dwarf, Hard of Hearing, woman, professor, psychologist and a closet optimist who loves puppies.