Innovation Weekend


The Psychology of Connection: From Education to Work to Space
April 9-11
014 Student Success Center

Important Information for Weekend Planning

  • Microsoft Teams will be used for team and resource sharing. View a full overview at
  • Lunch will be provided on Saturday and Sunday along with single-serve snacks and beverages throughout the weekend. Friday dinner will not be available, so be sure to eat before arriving.

Friday, April 9

Time Activities
5 p.m. Check-in
5:15 p.m. Event Overview, Introductions, and Ice Breakers
5:45 p.m. Break
6 p.m.

Topic Introduction

Dr. Debra Steele-Johnson – Teams & Teamwork
Teams & teamwork are needed to accomplish complex tasks and can be both facilitated and impeded by technology, for example schema similarity and trust are important but might be difficult to develop in a remote setting.

Dr. Nathan Bowling – Attitudes & Occupational Stress
Working remotely can create social isolation and dysfunctionally affect job attitudes which can create behavioral and/or social problems, impair work or learning performance, and more.

Dr. Valerie Shalin – Communication & Work Planning
Technology can facilitate or impede effective communication and task planning so it is important to know how to best use technology given how people think and process information.

Dr. Assaf Harel – Cognitive Workload Effects on the Brain
Interacting and conducting work or learning through technology increases cognitive workload and has distinct effects on brain functioning.

Dr. Patricia Schiml – Physiological Effects of Stress
Using technology and social isolation both create stress and that stress has physiological effects on chemicals in the brain which affect not only our moods and emotion but also our ability to function or perform effectively.

6:30 p.m.  Participant Brainstorming
7:20 p.m. Initial Team Formation
7:45 p.m. Evening Wrap Up


Saturday, April 10

Time Activities
9 a.m. Day 2 Overview, Review Topic, & Final Team Alignment
9:45 a.m. Group work
10:30 a.m. Break (refreshments available)
10:45 a.m. Idea refinement
11:45 a.m. Pitch preview
Noon Lunch at the Hangar (meal tickets provided)
1 p.m. Afternoon Q&A
1:30 p.m. Work Session (breaks on own, refreshments available)
4 p.m. Discussion, preview of Sunday


Sunday, April 11

Time Activities
9 a.m. Day 3 Welcome & Announcements
9:30 a.m. Group work (refreshments available & breaks on own)
11:30 a.m.

Lunch at Hangar (meal tickets provided)

Pitch finalization & practice

12:30 p.m.

Pitch presentation deadline to be uploaded to the General > Files tab

1:15 p.m. Judge Introductions & Presentations begin in SSC 009
3:30 p.m. Break (refreshments provided)
4 p.m. Awards & Dismissal