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Cameos of Caring

VITAS Innovative Health Care—Kim Padgitt

Recognition Year: 

Kim Padgitt has been a Registered Nurse for 19 years and has worked the last four years at VITAS Innovative Health Care. She is currently a Primary Care Registered Nurse in the Team 910 Unit. Kim understands the needs and frustrations presented by her patients and families; her goal is to ensure that each patient’s end of life be peaceful and comfortable. She shows a commitment to critical clinical decision making while bringing caring and compassion to her patients in their homes or in long-term care facilities. She stays with patients who are in pain or nearing the end of life as long as necessary to provide comfort. Whether she is helping a young mother say goodbye to her children or encouraging an elderly man to kiss his wife one more time, she serves as a companion to the family and helps to ease their hospice experience. Always willing to assist her fellow workers, Kim mentors new orientees and helps cover visits when a co-worker is having a challenging day. The VITAS physicians trust Kim to perform accurate assessments and to report her findings objectively while advocating for her patients. Kim earned her A.D.N. from Clark State Community College.