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Cameos of Caring

Vickie Clark - Sycamore Medical Center

Recognition Year: 

Vickie Clark serves as the Clinical Care Coordinator on Unit Two at Sycamore Medical Center. She has served as a mentor and role model for all the new staff that have started their nursing careers on night shift. She has taken them from nervous, wide-eyed new grads and transformed them into confident skilled nurses chomping at the bit to achieve and learn new knowledge. Vickie serves on the Unit Council trying to make the unit a better place to work. Vickie is confident in her abilities to bring concerns to the staff and nursing leadership on processes and tasks that could be improved or changed. A strong advocate for her patients as well as her nurses, Vickie makes sure her patients’ needs are met and they are as comfortable as possible. She remembers a patient on IV fluids who told her she craved pizza and macaroni & cheese…so Vickie taped pictures of those treats on her IV bag! The patient later wrote to thank her for her extra care for her emotional needs. “Vickie is always willing to help out any way she can,” says one of her nominating peers. “She is my go-to for advice. She helps out even before being asked. When Vickie is in charge, I know I will have a good night.”

Sycamore Medical Center - Vickie Clark