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Cameos of Caring

Upper Valley Medical Center—Stephanie Rank

Recognition Year: 

Stephanie Rank has been a Registered Nurse for four years and has worked for six years at Upper Valley Medical Center, where she currently is the team leader in the Progressive Care Unit. Stephanie’s peers nominated her because of her positive effect on the work environment and the high-quality care she provides to each of her patients. She works to ensure that the patient experience in the hospital is a safe one. Her confidence, kindness, and compassion have a calming effect on both her patients and co-workers. She treats every person, patient or co-worker, in the same respectful and compassionate manner and turns every confrontation into a positive experience for all involved. She pays attention while performing high- risk tasks and takes the time to conduct a self-check during critical moments. She double-checks medications and asks appropriate questions of peers to ensure that the patient is being cared for properly. A true role model and team leader, Stephanie promotes daily interdisciplinary communication with Integrated Care Management huddles and ensures the rest of the nursing staff is participating as well. In 2011, Stephanie received the hospital’s Daisy Award. Stephanie earned her BSN from Wright State University.