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Cameos of Caring

Tami McMillan - Upper Valley Medical Center

Upper Valley Medical Center
Recognition Year: 

“If there is one thing I have learned on this journey, it’s that there is just something special about the heart!” notes Tami McMillan. “I believe UVMC has recognized that and created a very special rehabilitation program that is so much more than machines. I believe a critical key to what makes the cardiac rehab program successful is putting the right people in place who understand this heart thing.” A colleague agrees, “From the very first phone call, and conversation, Tami was able to identify my personality and make a heartfelt connection with me that drew me into this program where I belonged.” According to Tami’s colleague, “The time she invested, relating to me that the program is about life, health, goals, and what is important to each of us, may have saved my life as it protected me from my own rehab program. I felt a sense of genuine care from Tami on that very first day. Tami is all about showing true empathy to the patient and sincerely invests her heart and soul into each patient’s recovery. By modeling this to her co-workers, she has developed a wonderful team that has given love, care, and concern to all who walk through the doors.”