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Cameos of Caring

Sherry Neanover - Fort Hamilton Hospital

Fort Hamilton Hospital
Recognition Year: 

Last Christmas season, a woman approached Sherry Neanover in a store; she remembered her first name, and told her, “You took care of my son when he was a baby.” She then added, “He’s now 38 years old.” Sherry makes an impression on people—mostly because she does memorable things for them. Several years ago, she went after work in the middle of a snowstorm to purchase hearing aid batteries for a special care nursery baby’s mother who casually mentioned she couldn’t afford to buy them. Her unit at Fort Hamilton Hospital, a small community hospital, adopted a family for Christmas. It was a very large family, which meant the unit’s dollars didn’t stretch far. Nonetheless, Sherry used coupons and store discounts to purchase gifts so the family could have a very special Christmas. Her co-workers know she is a very hard worker. Whether in patient and family support, coaching and mentoring new nurses and physicians, or just caring for moms and babies at their bedsides, Sherry embraces professionalism around quality and safety. “Our nurses are a family,” she says. “Everybody covers everybody else’s back.”

Sherry Neanover - Fort Hamilton Hospital