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Cameos of Caring

Robyn Hoffman - Atrium Medical Center

Atrium Medical Center
Recognition Year: 

Robyn exemplifies what it means to be an outstanding nurse. An ICU nurse is often uncertain of what their day might bring. For the patient, knowing the ICU nurse is your charge nurse for the day means knowing you can face whatever comes your way. Robyn has a profound impact on her co-workers and illustrates what an exceptional nurse should exhibit. She advocates for and supports the nurses on her unit by assisting with every admission and using her clinical knowledge to help to stabilize each patient. She is a highly skilled clinician who often provides coaching and promotes learning. She assists nurses in setting up and using new technology on the most critical patients in the unit. She provides every nurse on the unit with the support they need to effectively provide excellent care for their patients. She is passionate about her patients and will stay at the bedside for several hours helping with procedures, caring for the patient, and explaining to the family everything that is being done for their loved one.