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Cameos of Caring

Pamela Hoskins - Miami Valley Hospital

Recognition Year: 

Pamela Hoskins brings a wealth of experience to her practice from her 37 years as a bedside nurse, and she is recognized as a respected and valuable resource. Pamela constantly goes above and beyond to connect with her patients. “I just think every moment you spend with a patient makes an impact,” she observes. Once she helped a young patient who had trouble going to the bathroom the “normal way” by adjusting her teaching methods to describe things at the patient’s level, using common terms and even referring to movies. Recently, while caring for a patient who had developed neurologic complications, she was quick to respond and act, delegating to her team and continually remaining attentive to the patient. In so doing, she was modeling critical thinking to a relatively new team. When the patient’s condition was chalked up as “something she’s done before,” Pamela’s communication was consistent and firm as she showed how a nurse must sometimes trust that gut feeling. Later, she sought out additional learning about the patient’s condition and the complications that had presented.

Miami Valley Hospital - Pamela Hoskins