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Cameos of Caring

Michael Prince - Indu and Raj Soin Medical Center

Indu and Raj Soin Medical Center
Recognition Year: 

Michael Prince is a CCRN, but to his co-workers in the ICU unit at Soin Medical Center, he’s much more: they view him as a unit father. “I love the great camaraderie we have with our fellow co-workers. We have great teamwork,” Michael states. Co-workers say he comes to work early and is always in a great mood, and that he helps out with projects and activities. He’s valued as a mentor to his fellow ICU nurses—and to his patients and their families. “He can teach anybody as long as they’re willing to learn,” a colleague notes. Always willing to bring new ideas to the table, Mike is often the first to implement new processes. He is also valued for being a good role model to new nurses and being helpful to the experienced ones. Michael is the definition of leadership on the ICU unit. “I love the atmosphere of intensive care; I love the facility I work at,” he says. “I like the critical care aspect, because you never know what’s going to happen. Things change…minute by minute, and you’ve got to be able to think on your feet.”

Michael Prince - Indu and Raj Soin Medical Center