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Cameos of Caring

Miami Valley Hospital—Patti Schairbaum

Recognition Year: 

Patti Schairbaum has been a Registered Nurse for 31 years and has worked at Miami Valley Hospital the entire time. She is currently a Team Leader Clinical Nurse IV in the Advanced Treatment Area/Expression Admission Unit. She is credited with being one of the original nurses who started her specialty unit. Patti receives numerous letters from her patients and their families, thanking her for easing their anxiety and creating an area of safety and caring. Known for always having a smile on her face, she leads her department with clinical expertise and apparent ease on the busiest of days while skillfully managing patient and staff needs. Patti is known for her integrity and compassion; her empathy is visible to anyone observing her in action. Her team members feel both valued and appreciated; in fact, the team admits to feeling a giant “void” when she is not there. Patti earned her diploma in nursing from the Miami Valley Hospital School of Nursing and is board certified in medical-surgical nursing. She has received numerous nursing awards from Miami Valley Hospital, including its Leadership Award, Wall of Excellence Award, Nurses Day Peer Recognition Awards, and Special Performance Award Olympian. She continues to be involved with Miami Valley’s ACE Career Development program to find ways to support and recognize the clinical expert nurses at Miami Valley Hospital.