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Cameos of Caring

Mercy Memorial—Eleanor McGuire

Recognition Year: 

Eleanor McGuire has been a Registered Nurse for over 46 years; she has worked at Mercy Memorial for 21 of those years. She is currently a Staff Nurse in the Emergency Department, where she is considered a stable force who provides care to both her patients and the entire staff at Mercy. Known for her expertise and gentleness, Eleanor has devoted her life to helping and healing others. One of things she is especially good at is giving enemas; her co-workers dubbed her “The Queen Mother of the HHH Enema.” Her locker is notorious for having almost everything in it. For example, a doctor ordered a milk and molasses enema, and she was asked if she had any molasses. She pulled out a big bottle of Brer Rabbit Molasses! When her peers needed to practice probe placement for the infant warmer, Eleanor produced a “modern” baby, one with a cell phone attached. Eleanor’s patients and their families frequently write to thank her for her compassion. One patient wrote, “I am so relieved when I see your face. It is such a comfort to know you’re there.” A patient’s family member thanked her “for the wonderful care you gave in Dad’s final moments.” Eleanor earned her A.D.N. from St. Petersburg College and her B.S.N. from Urbana University. She remains involved with the Medical Reserve Corps and Literacy Council.