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Cameos of Caring

Lori Fenty - Sycamore Medical Center

Recognition Year: 

Lori Fenty is described as a “high performer” who consistently pushes herself to achieve excellence in both her personal and professional life. She’s considered a very caring, compassionate nurse, and feels that “patients make a significant impact on my life.” Her manager says, “She consistently cares for her patients and families with respect and humility, partnering with them to achieve their goals.” Lori has been a preceptor for many years for new nurses and students, and is often requested by students. She is an exceptional teacher/mentor, providing a safe but structured environment to develop critical thinking and patient experience skills. Certified in gerontology, she maintains her competence in neurological and cardiovascular nursing by staying current with articles and evidence-based practice as well as taking advantage of offerings in HealthStream. In her personal life she is active in her community and church, working with BOGG Ministries and Hands Against Hunger to provide meals for local needs as well as relief charities working oversees.

Sycamore Medical Center - Lori Fenty