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Cameos of Caring

Lisa Stanger - Fort Hamilton Hospital

Fort Hamilton Hospital
Recognition Year: 

Lisa Stanger graduated from Miami University in 1989 with her RN degree and obtained her bachelor’s in nursing in 1991. She received her medical surgical nursing certification in 2015. Lisa has been a part of the Kettering Health Network at Fort Hamilton Hospital since 1989, and, during that time, has been awarded the DAISY Award and Cameos of Caring award. She is a caring, compassionate advocate for her patients and her fellow nursing colleagues. Lisa’s advice for our newest nurses includes, “The patient is trusting you to take care of them. Even when you can’t take away the pain of what they are going through physically or emotionally, let them know you are there for them.” Every patient, she points out, is different and has their own values, beliefs, and personal experiences that make them unique. “Always try to make a connection,” Lisa advises new nurses. “Communication is key. Don’t assume they understand and take the time to explain what you are doing for them and that they understand their plan of care.” Above all, she says, remember “sometimes the smallest things you do for your patient make the biggest impact. Sometimes all someone needs is a hug, a shoulder to lean on, or a listening ear.”