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Cameos of Caring

Lisa Kinzer - Fidelity Health Care

Fidelity Health Care
Recognition Year: 

Lisa Kinzer is always going above and beyond to cover on-call patients. No matter how long she works through the night, there is always an extensive report waiting for the next nurse scheduled to see the patient. Recently, Lisa went to see a patient prescribed a certain medication. When she arrived to administer the injection, it was not available. The physician did not sign the script. She called and got this corrected with the physician and the pharmacy. She still had many patients to see. She asked that the patient get the medication and she would see another patient and return. Upon arriving back, she passed the patient’s wife, who was just leaving. The wife did not return. Lisa called the pharmacy, and the spouse had not been there. The patient then told her his wife had dementia. Lisa called the police, who found the wife several miles away in the opposite direction; she had gotten lost. Lisa stayed with the patient for several hours until his spouse returned home safely, although she had a full night of patients to see. Lisa goes above and beyond to make sure her patients are cared for, even in situations that are not ideal.