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Cameos of Caring

Kim Straszheim - Grandview Medical Center

Recognition Year: 

Kim Straszheim’s incredible acts of caring and compassion in nursing were exemplified in an October 2016 incident involving a motorcycle trauma patient. The patient, an active Marine with an address in Virginia and a driver’s license from Michigan, was in very critical condition when he came to the ER. Kim was afraid he might die before his out-of-state loved ones knew he was injured. So, she went above and beyond to contact his family promptly, and “his brother and sister-in-law were able to take the last flight that same day to be at his bedside.” The patient’s parents, who were missionaries in Poland, were notified, and the Marine Corps brought them back as quickly as possible. “I really feel and believe that family is very important to a person’s healing,” Kim says. A few months later, the Marine and his family came back, and “he walked back into the ER, which was amazing! He actually ran in the ER to show he was on the way to recovery!” Kim recounts.

Grandview Medical Center - Kim Straszheim