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Cameos of Caring

Kettering Medical Center—Cheryl Peck

Recognition Year: 

Cheryl Peck has worked 27 of her 37 years as a Registered Nurse for the Kettering Medical Center, where she is currently assigned to the Kettering post-anesthesia care unit. Cheryl is a dynamic and outgoing nurse who leads by example. She also serves as the main nurse in the inpatient holding area, where patients are taken to confirm all required test and consent information before entering the operating room. As part of this duty, Cheryl has developed a special checklist to review all necessary information. She also reviews and organizes all necessary supplies for pre-op patients. She sets an excellent example and is compassionate and caring in all that she does, whether she is dealing with patients, their families, staff, co-workers, or physicians. She is compassionate and thorough in explaining procedures to patients and families, and has earned the respect of everyone for her knowledge, skill, and flexibility. She is highly professional and maintains her calm demeanor in critical situations. A valued member of the post-anesthesia care unit team, she always puts the needs of her patients first. Cheryl is also a natural teacher who willingly shares her knowledge of her profession with her co-workers. Cheryl earned her A.S.N. at Sinclair Community College and her B.S.N. at Columbia Union College.