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Cameos of Caring

Kettering Medical Center - Karen Hochadel Sloop

Recognition Year: 

Karen Hochadel Sloop’s leadership, service, and work ethic
makes Kettering Health Network a better place for patients and co-workers. Her passion is to provide quality care for preterm infants in the NICU, and her work with ventilator-acquired pneumonia protocol has improved the care and outcome of the infants. Her passion, combined with evidence-based protocols, has made her a leader to promote safe care. Karen is receptive to any assignment but readily seeks out patients with higher acuity. She forms a strong bond with the families of her long-term patients and uses this bond to lead the NICU parent advisory councils. She is also a member of the neuro-developmental council in the NICU, which ensures all babies receive items made by the team to promote bonding with the mother. Parents of the babies continually share how much they love having Karen care for their infant; she actively incorporates them in the care. Karen completed her bachelor’s degree, graduating cum laude in 2013, and is earning her master’s of nursing in nursing education.

Kettering Medical Center - Karen Hochadel Sloop