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Cameos of Caring

Kelsey Bergman - Miami Valley Hospital

Miami Valley Hospital
Recognition Year: 

Kelsey is a dedicated, giving, and compassionate nurse, going above and beyond when caring for her patients. One example was for a patient who had been in our unit for a long time. The day came when the physician gave the patient their diagnosis: cancer. The patient was alone and overwhelmed, and Kelsey sat with her until her parents came. Even though the patient was transferred to oncology, the family kept Kelsey updated on her progress. The patient had an upcoming birthday, and to celebrate, Kelsey bought balloons and decorated the patient’s room while she was away at testing. Upon her return, the patient was overwhelmed with emotion. The patient was discharged and continued her chemo treatments as an outpatient. The day came when her last treatment was completed. Kelsey went to her treatment on her day off. Kelsey had been by this patient since her diagnosis and was so happy to be there for her. She told the patient, “The day you were diagnosed was the worst day I had at work, but today, I can honestly say was one of the best!”