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Cameos of Caring

Karen Rush - Fidelity Health Care

Fidelity Health Care
Recognition Year: 

Karen Rush’s first experience in a hospital came a few weeks after high school—when a serious auto accident made her a patient with broken bones and a concussion. While it was not a welcome experience, she says it had one positive outcome for her: “It sparked my interest in caring for others.” Another formative—and less painful—influence on her interest in medicine was her “tremendous” anatomy and physiology teacher in high school. Now, her world is steeped in nursing: she has been in nursing for 37 years, and her husband, daughter, and niece have also become nurses as a direct result. She has been with Fidelity Health Care for the past 21 years. She loves her patients, and the feeling is mutual. They call Karen “an angel,” “sunshine,” and “the best part of my day”—all of which Karen finds very humbling. She often goes the extra mile for her home health patients—like changing dirty diapers, making a quick meal, or taking out the trash. If they go into the hospital, she calls them or their family to see how they are doing. And she’s always ready to give her patients a hug, an encouraging word, or a little prayer.

Karen Rush - Fidelity Health Care