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Cameos of Caring

Jeremy Andress - Grandview Medical Center

Grandview Medical Center
Recognition Year: 

Jeremy Andress truly understands what it means to be called to care. Once he went to the gift shop and bought a teddy bear for a patient and bandaged it up to represent the patient’s bandages. The patient was so touched, she cried. Later, he wrote a little note and tucked it inside the teddy bear’s bandages for the patient to find at home. “I try to have fun with my patients,” he says. “I try to make them forget they’re in the hospital.” Another time, Jeremy took care of a patient who also happened to be a hospital employee. Upon discharge, she was unable to drive herself home, and her husband picked her up; Jeremy helped by driving her car home at the end of his shift. By the time the patient’s husband brought him back to Grandview, Jeremy’s own trip home to his family was delayed nearly three hours; but he was more than happy to help a Grandview family member. “I am blessed beyond measure,” he says, “to get the opportunity to take care of people and make a difference in their lives.”

Jeremy Andress - Grandview Medical Center