Cameos of Caring

Janelle O'Dell - Kettering Health Network, Sycamore Medical Center

Recognition Year: 

In Janelle’s two-and-a-half-year career as a bedside nurse, she has immersed herself in nursing and quickly become an expert. She fills her calling to be a nurse not only by providing compassionate, competent nursing care, but also by serving as a coordinator, organizer, and teacher at Sycamore Medical Center. The clinical care coordinator ensures the unit implements the best nursing interventions to the patients, working diligently for the best outcomes. As Janelle leads process improvement, she holds the team professionally accountable for following policies and the latest evidence-based practice. She is constantly looking for ways to improve the workflow of the bedside nurse. Without being asked, and even sometimes on her day off, she is always organizing the unit to create the most efficient and lean work environment. Janelle is a natural teacher as primary preceptor for new graduates and new employees within the unit. As a member of Unit Council, she has been integral in the planning and implementation of numerous outings to increase morale and strengthen bonds. Janelle is active in her church and participates in many of their community outreach programs.