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Cameos of Caring

Jamie Simon - Upper Valley Medical Center

Upper Valley Medical Center
Recognition Year: 

Jamie Simon always provides exceptional patient care at Upper Valley Medical Center and focuses all her attention on the patient and family. She goes above and beyond to make surgery less frightening, especially for pediatric patients. Once, to ease younger patients’ anxiety, she made a “Super RN” cape from a drape to look like a superhero, and dressed up her teddy bear with a surgical mask and hat. She also works to reassure parents of her priorities: “When that patient’s on the table, that is my only focus. I want the parents to know that this child is like my own.” It’s not just children she comforts—once the adult daughter of a hospice patient was sitting alone with her mom, waiting for her husband to join her; after making sure her other patients were being looked after, Jamie sat with the daughter so she wouldn’t be alone when her mother took her last breath. “I will never forget the words that her daughter spoke to me in thanking me for not letting her be alone,” she recalls.

Jamie Simon - Upper Valley Medical Center