Cameos of Caring

Jamie Giere - Upper Valley Medical Center

Recognition Year: 

Jamie Giere provides support to her entire team at Upper Valley Medical Center by being available, listening, and coaching or providing feedback as necessary. As chair of the unit council, she really strives to make a positive impact and achieve results for Upper Valley’s patient care outcomes, patient experience, and employee satisfaction. This humble nursing team leader consistently proves to the team that she cares, not only for her patients but for the team as a whole. If anyone exemplifies the best qualities of nursing—virtues that embrace empathy, listening, resolving problems, and expressing gratitude—it is this team leader. Jamie is frequently seen and heard engaging with patients, families, and staff; laughter is commonly heard when she is working. She is frequently heard performing hourly rounding that she makes meaningful to that patient and their situation. When times get busy or tough, Jamie remains consistently calm, cool, and collected in whichever role she models with her peers. She puts a lot of thought into what is the best and safest thing to do for the unit by considering how her actions will impact others while striving to do “the right thing.”