Cameos of Caring

Irene Fredrick - Miami Valley Hospital North

Recognition Year: 

Irene Fredrick has been with Miami Valley Hospital–North for over 25 years. This devoted oncology nurse is known by her peers as the “Duracell Bunny” because she never slows down or complains despite everyday challenges. Irene’s holistic care is 100 percent focused on patients’ and families’ needs. She notices subtle changes and adapts care to ensure needs are met. She has a gift of putting patients at ease and calming any fears or anxieties, and her great sense of humor makes patients feel loved and supported on their cancer journey. For example, Irene is caring for a young woman who developed an autoimmune disorder following the birth of her child; she needs a weekly injection to stay healthy. Irene takes the time to paint a special rock with happy artwork, like a ladybug, then hides the rock for the patient’s child to find. This special routine brightens the visit for both her patient and her child; they say it’s like going on an Easter Egg hunt each week! Irene often prays with patients and keeps a prayer list to add a name throughout the day. In addition to her “heartfelt” care, she is also an invaluable team member contributing to positive patient outcomes.