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Cameos of Caring

Greene Memorial Hospital—Lori Morgan

Recognition Year: 

Lori Morgan has been a Registered Nurse for 17 years and has worked all those years at Greene Memorial Hospital, where she currently works as a Staff Nurse in the Float Pool. Lori provides quality care by being professional, yet empathetic, to her patients and their families. She provides emotional support while remaining unbiased and calm in any given situation. While working to educate patients and their families, Lori encourages them to be active participants in their health care. Staff members use Lori as a resource for knowledge because she is so approachable and because she displays leadership in her role. With her unassuming manner, she is especially helpful to new nurses. In the middle of a crisis, Lori is the calm person with the answers to questions. Lori often provides suggestions on how to improve processes and works with nurses to develop time-management skills. She guides fellow nurses with procedures such as line placement, cardiac rhythm interpretation, and effective physician communication and developed “huddle” points to assist in educating staff on relevant topics. Lori earned her BSN from Ohio University. She holds certification as a Critical Care Registered Nurse.

Greene Memorial Hospital - Lori Morgan