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Cameos of Caring

Grandview Medical Center—Tina Kilburn-Stewart

Recognition Year: 

Tina Kilburn-Stewart has been a Registered Nurse for 15 years and has worked all of that time at Grandview Medical Center, where she is currently a charge nurse in the Post-Procedure Care Unit. Tina is known for her caring personality and sense of humor that endears her so much to her patients, their families, and her co‑workers. Whenever new nurses or nursing students need a preceptor, Tina is the “go-to” person. She shows them the skills necessary to care successfully for their patients and demonstrates how to connect with each and every patient on a personal level. She will often ask her orientees, “Tell me two things that you have learned about your patient—two things that I don’t know and that are not related to your patient’s condition.” This prompts the orientees to understand how important it is to see their patients as individuals and not just as room numbers or disease processes. Tina has been the unit’s champion in implementing bedside handoff. She always gives a report in her patients’ rooms so that they can meet the next caregiver; the information is given in a way that the patient understands the care plan. Tina earned her A.D.N. from Sinclair Community College and is currently working on her B.S.N. from Indiana Wesleyan University. She holds certification in Advanced Cardiac Life Support.