Cameos of Caring

Grandview Medical Center—Brent Mezger

Recognition Year: 

Brent Mezger has served as a Registered Nurse at Grandview Medical Center for the past six years. He was instrumental in starting the Grandview Emergency Department’s Environmental Team, which is charged with the critical task of meeting national standards related to cleanliness and safety. Brent led a team to help with the day-to-day maintenance of the Emergency Department and collaborated with Environmental Services and Facilities to assess longer-term plans for floor and wall maintenance, along with larger projects. In addition to his major commitment to environmental matters, Brent serves as the lead preceptor for the Emergency Department. All new graduates are paired with Brent and soon learn that he is a top-notch instructor. His upbeat attitude, conscientious approach, and dedication to excellent nursing care help new nurses learn the profession’s best practices. Brent is an avid student as well and recently completed his B.S.N. through Ohio University. His colleagues describe Brent as a high performer who is positive in every way and who expects the best from himself and others. As both a nurse and teacher, Brent is a great resource for the Emergency Department, leading by example and challenging others to learn new skills.