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Cameos of Caring

Good Samaritan Hospital—Deborah Felter

Recognition Year: 

Deborah Felter has been a Registered Nurse for 28 years and has worked all those years in the Good Samaritan healthcare system. She currently works in Infusion Services at the Samaritan Cancer Center. Deborah develops a trusting relationship with her patients from the moment she happily greets them at the sign-in desk. As the trip continues down the hallway, she assures them that she will provide them with excellent care and calms any fears that they may have. With her kind, compassionate care and positive attitude, she provides comfort and reassurance on the patient’s cancer journey. Deborah incorporates all aspects of care into her interaction with patients—physical, emotional, and spiritual—and has developed excellent relations with other disciplines, all of which contribute to positive outcomes for her patients. She recognizes the right of self-determination and, in end-of-life situations, she stays with her patient until the very end and gives the patient the kind, loving, sensitive care for which she is known. Deborah earned her associate degree in nursing from Edison State Community College and holds certification in oncology nursing. She received the Good Samaritan of the Month Award in 2009 and 2015 and the Samaritan Star Award in 2012.

Good Samaritan Hospital - Deborah Felter