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Cameos of Caring

Gail Nickell - Southview Medical Center

Southview Medical Center
Recognition Year: 

Gail Nickell is described by her peers as a nurse who always goes above and beyond for her co-workers, physicians, and especially patients. She is said to have a special way about her to comfort patients when they are scared. In a previous home health care job, for example, Gail became close to one particular patient and his son, becoming like a family member. Even after she changed jobs, she remained close to the patient and his family. She and her husband visited (one time sharing a Thanksgiving dinner with him), helped with yard work, and sometimes brought dinner when the son was out of town. When declining health led the patient to need to go into a nursing home, Gail helped his son gather things together, answered questions, and helped make the transition smoother. When the patient passed away, the son expressed the gratitude and love they had for Gail and her family. “There is nothing in the world that I would rather do than what I do,” Gail says of nursing. “I love taking care of people; I love everything about it!”

Gail Nickell - Southview Medical Center