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Cameos of Caring

Fidelity Health Care—Cynthia Balzer

Recognition Year: 

Cynthia Balzer has been a Registered Nurse for ten years, working all those years at Fidelity Health Care, where she presently is the Team Leader and Advanced Illness Management Navigator. Cindy works with 50 of Fidelity’s most fragile patients to case manage their healthcare needs. She works with these patients while they are hospitalized to plan for the care they will need on discharge so they can have a smooth transition to their home. As a clinician, she educates her patients about the basic personal skills needed to partner with their healthcare providers for better self-care management. She then sees these patients during in-home visits and contacts them daily by telephone and through the use of Fidelity’s telehealth system. She provides loving care in order to promote the goals of improved patient outcomes and positive patient experiences and has been instrumental in reducing patient re-hospitalizations and emergency department encounters. Her patients describe Cindy an angel, an advocate, and someone they can trust. Her bright smile is always evident, no matter how difficult and stressful caregiving situations can become. Cindy earned her BSN from Indiana Wesleyan University. She is a recent recipient of Fidelity’s Daisy Award.

Fidelity Health Care - Cynthia Balzer