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Cameos of Caring

Erin Black - Dayton Children's Hospital

Recognition Year: 

Erin Black has been with the Emergency Department at Dayton Children’s Hospital “for a very long time,” and has worked diligently to create the Outreach Nurse Program and take it to new levels. Erin has authored a journal article (published in the Journal of Emergency Nursing), given national presentations, and developed many poster presentations about the Outreach Nurse Program. Most recently, she co-authored an article that received national recognition at the Magnet conference in Atlanta in September 2016. The article received the Jeanne M. Floyd Award for outstanding paper. Because of Erin’s many contributions to the program, she was promoted to Outreach Nurse Coordinator. In her new role, she will develop and revise processes to make follow-up care seamless for patients, as well as orient new Outreach Nurses, facilitate care for complicated cases, and collaborate with clinics to make sure the patients receive needed post-discharge care. Erin was also among the first to complete the yearlong, intensive evidence-based practice (EBP) program. She also serves on the Patient Safety and Quality Council, the Clinic Unit Council, and the ED Unit Council. In addition, she is an instructor trainer for ENPC, training more than 25 nurses and instructors per year at Dayton Children’s and surrounding hospitals.

Dayton Children's Hospital - Erin Black