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Cameos of Caring

Elizabeth Hannon - Greene Memorial Hospital

Greene Memorial Hospital
Recognition Year: 

Elizabeth Hannon is a very caring, compassionate nurse who is frequently recognized by patients and peers. Her infectious smile is greatly appreciated on the unit, and her colleagues say, “You know if she is working, you’re going to have a good day.” But Liz modestly says, “We don’t do things to get awards. We do things because we’re human, and we would expect the same kind of care back if we were in the same situation.” However, her colleagues aren’t the only ones to notice. Liz earned the Daisy Award this year after being nominated by a patient’s family member who said, “Liz took extra steps to take excellent care of Dad and us. I have never seen a more caring, knowledgeable nurse.” Liz responds, “I feel that God has placed me here on this earth to be a nurse. I feel like this is my higher calling here, my purpose here.” Liz says, “Nursing is an art. It’s an art because there’s so much creativity that goes into it. There’s science involved in it; but the way you carry it out is such an art; and it’s different for every person.”

Elizabeth Hannon - Greene Memorial Hospital