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Cameos of Caring

Elizabeth Clark - Fidelity Health Care

Recognition Year: 

Elizabeth Clark, orthopedic case manager at Fidelity Health Care, says, “Nursing has taught me many lessons in the past seven years that I’ve been a nurse. Probably the most valuable lesson it’s taught me is not to judge a book by its cover—you never know what a patient is going through,” especially in their home setting. Elizabeth is described by her peers as “always willing to go the extra mile, whether it be with patients, calling the doctor to make recommendations, picking up extra visits, or timely caseload review.” She is always willing to pick up work when asked. If she has questions, she doesn’t hesitate to ask. Co-workers praise her “consistently outstanding” patient care, interdisciplinary communication, and teamwork. “She is very thorough, very professional and kind. She is the epitome of a home care nurse,” notes one of her colleagues. “I just need 10 more like her on my team,” states her supervisor. “Elizabeth’s excellence in nursing, with her willingness to go above and beyond to meet patient needs with a positive attitude and smile on her face, makes her an extraordinary nurse.”

Fidelity Health Care - Elizabeth Clark