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Cameos of Caring

Diana Hollen - Kettering Medical Center

Recognition Year: 

Diana Hollen is cited by colleagues as “the epitome of caring and compassion.” She makes time to listen to patients’ and their families’ concerns and consistently goes above and beyond to meet their needs with a positive attitude and caring demeanor. An example is when she stayed past her shift to console a patient who “didn’t want to be alone” on the anniversary of his wife’s death. After giving her report, she returned to the patient and stayed with him until midnight—when the anniversary had passed. The patient told her “it was the most peace he had felt since his wife’s death.” Diana is widely trusted by her peers and colleagues. As chair of the Shared Governance Council, she is good at bringing staff together to brainstorm ideas and suggestions to enhance nursing clinical practice. Using observation and data audits, she identifies gaps in practice, and works with bedside nurses, clinical experts, and nursing leadership to close those gaps. Because of her dedication to excellence, she is frequently chosen to mentor new employees as they transition to Kettering Medical Center.

Kettering Medical Center - Diana Hollen