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Cameos of Caring

Dayton Veterans Affairs Medical Center - Jenny Sams

Recognition Year: 

Jenny Sams has worked at the Dayton VA for 33 years—her entire career. She is an amazing nurse, and looks for the most simple and obvious clues for improvement. Jenny is a nursing leader—she knows how to connect the dots to determine the true path of the diagnosis based on her assessment and not just the one written in the chart on admission. She defines her patients’ goals and completes a plan of action devoted to all the special and unique characteristics of the patients she is assigned to. Jenny has the characteristics of a good leader—she coaches and exudes goodwill, generates enthusiasm, and says ‘we’ not ‘me’. She fixes the breakdowns—she shows how it’s done. Jenny develops people and gives them credit for their work. She always asks for follow-up if anyone exhibits doubt and is the first to start work on something. Jenny received her associate degree from Sinclair Community College in 1983 and her B.S.N. from Miami University in 1998.

Dayton Veterans Affairs Medical Center - Jenny Sams