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Cameos of Caring

Dayton Children's Hospital - Tammy Witwer

Recognition Year: 

Tammy Witwer is a clinical nurse/nurse educator and has worked at Dayton Children’s Hospital for her entire 30-year career. Tammy is dedicated to the technologically dependent patients in the intermediate care unit (IMCU) and she collaborates with families to ensure a safe transition from hospital to home. She teaches tracheostomy care to new nurses during orientation and teaches classes for patients’ caregivers. Her commitment to safety means that she ensures all emergency tracheostomy supplies are readily available in each patient room in the exact same location. In 2016, Tammy became a part-time nurse educator for the unit in addition to her role as an expert clinical nurse. Tammy has a quiet demeanor, but shows significant love and compassion for the children she serves in the IMCU. She was nominated for a Daisy Award and received a Nursing Excellence Award in 2013. She is a recognized IMPACT nurse, which is Dayton Children’s Hospital’s clinical advancement program. She earned her diploma in nursing from the Miami Valley School of Nursing in 1986 and her bachelor’s degree in nursing from Ohio University in 2013.

Dayton Children's Hospital - Tammy Witwer