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Cameos of Caring

David Scott Altman - Soin Medical Center

Soin Medical Center
Recognition Year: 

David Scott Altman’s advice to new nurses in the Soin Emergency Department is to “always begin with a smile” and “treat every patient with the same love and care that you give your family.” His patient said David, “treats me like a family member and always attentive to my needs.” Because he is so attentive to every patient, the nursing care David provides to patients and their families is of the highest quality. With his attentiveness and attention to detail, his patients are kept safe and their needs are anticipated before they ask. Among his peers, David is known to be “honest, kind, hard-working, respectful, and reliable.” David is involved in staff meetings and keeps himself up to date on policies and procedures. He often provides constructive feedback regarding process improvement. “My career as a nurse has given me something I have never felt with any other prior job or career— 100 percent satisfaction and fulfillment,” David says. “Caring for my patients makes me happy and I truly feel blessed to call myself a nurse.”