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Cameos of Caring

Cheryl Harmon - Greene Memorial Hospital

Recognition Year: 

Cheryl Harmon is respected by her peers and praised for being very positive regardless of the circumstances. Other, newer nurses on the unit see Cheryl as a resource; her colleagues say she always has an answer, and always explains them so her peers fully understand. Embracing the Nursing Shift Huddles, Cheryl makes the meetings both informative and enjoyable, using the time to update everyone as well as motivate them with her oft-used encouragement “Do your best!” Her cheerful disposition makes her patients feel welcome at Greene Memorial Hospital; her patients often single her out for delivering excellent care. “I will always be there for my patients!” she says. “I will always give them the best care; I will always talk to them, always try to fill their needs.” Always positive, always smiling, Cheryl never hesitates to dive in and help—even if it is the end of her shift. “I never get tired of it,” Cheryl says. “Each day, I learn something new. I have new patients; I have new challenges; and I do love it!” A peer simply says, “She is a joy to work with. She is a shining example of both a competent and compassionate nurse.”

Greene Memorial Hospital - Cheryl Harmon