Cameos of Caring

Brandon Farler - Atrium Medical Center

Recognition Year: 

Brandon Farler, a clinical nurse in Atrium Medical Center’s Intensive Care Unit, strives to make every day a better day for his patients and their families. The ICU, he explains, is not a comfortable place to be, so he feels, “The biggest times I make a positive impact on a patient or their family is when I’m able to make them comfortable. Anything I can do to put them more at ease is when I feel I’ve made the biggest impact.” One night, a patient with respiratory distress was admitted, and Brandon assessed that the patient needed more than his orders indicated. Working with the team leader, Brandon ensured the patient’s needs were tended to then, and not delayed for the day shift. Brandon is described as positive, motivated, and willing to learn. His advice to his peers is “allow yourself the time to be a beginner” and learn. He asks questions and partners with physicians. If he is unsure about disease processes or diagnoses, he researches it, and even writes a paper on it to share with peers. When morale was down and peers were talking about burnout, he researched the root cause and shared the results with management.

Atrium Medical Center - Brandon Farler