Cameos of Caring

Allison M. Scott - Dayton Children's Hospital

Recognition Year: 

Allison Scott is extremely passionate, and it shines through in everything she does. In her eight years at Dayton Children’s, this certified pediatric nurse has demonstrated a natural ability to assist others while seamlessly educating them in the process. As a bedside clinician, Allison far exceeds the needs of her patients and families on a continual basis. Her attention to detail and her ability to assess, listen, absorb, and respond appropriately in both low- and high-stress situations make her an exceptional caregiver. Eager to take in the perspectives of others, making her interactions with others deeply meaningful and insightful. In addition to making sure that her patients and families are cared for, Allison has always made it a priority to assist her team. She is prized as a transformational leader and an amazing teacher and role model. Allison has been instrumental in two major projects at Children’s: developing new processes and nursing education plans for gastro-intestinal providers, and assisting in preparing for the opening of Children’s inpatient behavioral health unit. She also serves as the current chair of the patient experience council.